How d.moat works

d.moatTM is a versatile, yet easy to setup device. Setting up d.moat is as simple as plug and play. Fully setup and ready to go within minutes, d.moat monitors your network traffic, checking for risks and hacking attempts. Once d.moat detects a threat it sends a notification to your iPhone or Android mobile device.


1. Scan

d.moat analyzes your home or small business network and identifies most vulnerabilities and threats.


2. Analyze

d.moat’s self-learning system models your normal network activity for all your connected IoT devices.


3. Monitor

d.moat monitors your network combining its understanding of your normal behavior with known threats.


4. Notify

If d.moat detects a security threat it will notify you through your iPhone, Apple Watch or Android devices.


First of its kind

d.moat is a first of its kind internet security monitoring device specifically designed for IoT, perfect for home and SMB use.

Easy to use

Simple plug and play setup will have your home or small business monitored for potential IoT hacking threats within minutes.

Works with iPhone® & Android™

d.moat’s mobile app supports iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, and Amazon Alexa, offering a great degree of configuration versatility and real-time notifications.

Multi Layer Protection

d.moat provides multi-layer protection and ensures your network security through scanning, monitoring, analyzing, and instantly notifying you about all malicious traffic as well as attempts to hack your network.


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d.moat users can navigate to 'Setup d.moat' for the initial setup, trouble shooting or frequently asked questions.
d.moat app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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